Vleesch Noch Visch

Vleesch Noch Visch

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MRDK CREATIVE we would love to see the winning design of this newest member of www.ontwerpenvoorgeld.nl

Vleesch Noch Visch Lovely people, Thank you for your input. Due to family circumstances, I have not yet arrived at choosing a winner. I would also like to clarify a number of things.Vleesch Noch Visch ( Vleesch Neither Visch )is an Award winning Vega (n) Streetfood concept: the design must therefore have a clear reference to food !! The current design, the circle the letters remain as they are. I want two nice illustrations against the circle; so you really have to be able to draw; think ; tattoo, street art, pin-Up Below the circle the words; Sexy, Vega (n) & Delicious So get your inspiration out of these words It is not meat, it is not fish, it’s vega(n)

Use your fantasy

In 8 days I choose the winner.
If it’s good you can also do the menu and the WTF burger
Check also our website and watch the video

Summer Brooks Hallo ,
Besteht uberhaupt noch Interesse?
Summer Brooks Sehr geehrter Auftraggeber
Das wichtigste bei einem dieser wettbewerbe ist die komunikation zwischen designer und Auftraggeber.

SUNIL KUMAR Logo and graphics designer

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